Detection and mapping of six miniF-encoded proteins by cloning analysis of dissected miniF segments


Various DNA subfragments were derived from miniF DNA by complete or partial PstI cleavage, and cloned in the plasmid vectors pBR322 or λdv1. The recombinant plasmids obtained were introduced into an Escherichia coli minicell-producing strain, and the plasmid-coded proteins were radiolabeled and analyzed by gel electrophoresis. Six miniF-encoded proteins, larger than 11 000 daltons, were detected and their coding regions were mapped on the F plasmid genome. Three of them were assigned by taking into account the known nucleotide sequences (Murotsu et al. 1981; K. Yoshioka, personal communication). The coding directions of some proteins were determined by inserting the lac promotor into one of the recombinant plasmids and analyzing the increase in production of the proteins. The coding direction of the five proteins analyzed so far was uniform. Comparison of these results with a functional map of miniF suggested possible roles of the proteins.


15 Figures and Tables

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